Ancient recipes are a great way to travel into the past: Celebrity chef Aditya Bal

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In an interaction, the celebrity chef says that his single biggest learning about food is its centrality to life absolutely everywhere.

Model-turned-celebrity chef Aditya Bal, well-known for combining wanderlust with a love for discovering cuisines, is a firm believer in ancient recipes that are unique to India’s vibrant culture.

For Bal, a host of travel food shows and author of The Chakh Le India: Cookbook, such recipes are the most potent way of connecting emotionally with people, communities, history and regions. Now, after the first season of the Lost Recipes show on EPIC Channel, Bal is back with the second season where he is seen travelling across the streets of Hampi, Vishakapatnam, Darjeeling and Bodhgaya, among others.

In an interaction with, the chef shares why ancient recipes hold significance, his favourite ‘lost recipe’, and why he feels nervous when recreating an age-old recipe.


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