When you can’t be bothered to cook, these 7 recipes will save the day

Thank you Kari Sonde and The Washington Post. Photo: Tom McCorkle, Styling:Lisa Cherkasky

Whether your meal-prepping game is off, you’ve had a long day at work, or you simply cannot be bothered to do anything requiring actual cooking, making a dinner can be a daunting and unappealing task. But you still need to eat, and eat well — and while takeout is okay for some of those days, you might get tired of that, too.

Making a meal without too much effort, and no heat involved, is not only possible but also can yield excellent, delicious results. We scoured our archives for some of the best, summer-friendly no-cook recipes for your repertoire.


“Right, Kari Sonde is right. Sometimes you can’t be bothered. Good thing she has given us ideas and a bit of hope on those days.”

-Ray Dean

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