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Who is Kings Market Community?

Have a look at this short video

“Please join us in our exploration of community and exchange.”

-Ray Dean


Kings Market Community is a place to land for approaching the day to day challenges and logistics  of the home.

“All things kitchen” has a view of enjoying all things associated with our kitchens. Cooking and recipes, trends and ideas, global cultural cuisine, products and attributes, and if  you are like we are, maybe its also the room in the house that everyone gathers in to share life.

“Fun with Wood” and “Home & Garden” provide discover updates, projects, products and ideas for the beginner, intermediate, avid woodworking adventurist & home and garden project enthusiast.


Kings Market Community is a live eco-system community market with a focus on All Things Kitchen as well as Fun With Wood and Home and Garden visions.

One to enrich the body, the others to enrich the soul.

We are all in this together. Let’s share our global ideas and lessons learned in order to enrich one another, our communities, and nations of the world.

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